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Rabu, 22 Februari 2017

Tips On Choosing Herbal Products

Tips On Choosing Herbal Products - Consume products derived from natural materials must not arbitrarily. Here's some tips to let you consume products that are safe and effective.

Ø Note form
Despite the expiry date is still long enough, choose herbs that packaging clean, whole, not bloated or leaking, not moldy, not humid, and does not change shape or color. On herbal medicine powders in packs, detection is by grasping the easiest packaging. If lumpy, that's a sign that these herbs have changed shape.

Ø Don't fall asleep
Meticulous attitude should also remain after consuming herbal medicine. Be aware of her reaction, don't cheer just yet if in a single drink, herbs directly "mak cespleng". Observe the changes that appear in our body, the slightest. For example, a drastic increase of appetite or other sesuatau as usual, drowsiness, increased heart rate, and so on. If find it suspicious, do not hesitate to immediately go to the nearest doctor.

Ø Alert seduction ad
There is no single herbal medicine which can cure all kinds of diseases. Moreover, the effect of one type of herbal medicine against everyone else can be different. Therefore, beware with herbs that claim can cure/relieve various diseases at once. Moreover, if you use the word hyperbole, and contains some of the testimony that is not necessarily the authenticity and also not necessarily be accountable.

Ø Examine Packaging
The physical state of the packaging of herbs could determine the security and quality of the herb itself. We recommend that you choose the herbs that the packaging is intact, and the color of the packaging does not fade. Color faded packaging can be an indication that too many herbs terpapara sunlight directly, so its quality can decline.

In addition, make sure that the herbs that you consume the herbal medicine includes the name, the name of the manufacturer, and the address, of the logo type of herbs (herba terstandar, herbal medicine or bio-pharmacy), registration number from the Department of health/IKOT/BPOM, indications, the composition and the expiry date.

So some tips from hopefully these tips can add your insights, and for those of you who frequently/recently would try herbal products can be more careful in choosing the right products. Thank you

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